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Emmental Grand Cru, sure taste of tradition

A great french cheese, true to tradition

Emmental Grand Cru is made in the heart of a traditional area, on the slopes of Vosges, Jura and Alps, by dairy farmers proud of their skill in the art. Since the thirthteen century, they have been perfecting the methods which make their cheese so delicious. Modern techniques are now adapted to traditional standards.

Maintaining traditional quality

Emmental Grand Cru is made only from crude milk produced by selected herds fed exclusively on grass and hay, without silage. The high quality of this extremely fresh milk ensures the excellence of Emmental Grand Cru.

Traditional flavour

Each day, fresh milk is brought to the dairies to go through the many steps in the long and patient transformation which gives Emmental Grand Cru its traditionnal character. 
From the time rennet is added through the pressing, salting and aging, each batch is watched over by an experienced cheese maker who turns the huge wheels over frequently during the twelve weeks or more required to mature Emmental Grand Cru.

How to recognize Emmental Grand Cru ?

Look at the wheel or slice of Emmental Grand Cru and notice its regular shape, slighty raised in the center. A creamy ivory color, it is fine-grained and soft, with evenly spaced holes varying in size from a cherry to a walnut? The smooth clean crust, a deep golden yellow, is stamped with the french "Label Rouge" seal of approval, the registered name "Emmental Français Est-Central" (european PGI) and the brand name "Grand Cru". They guarantee that this emmental has proved satisfactory after the most rigorous controls (according to ISO 45011 norm) and has met the highest standards of traditionnal excellence.

When to consume Emmental Grand Cru ? 

Everybody loves it .... at any time of the day. As a snack, with drinks, sliced on crackers or cut in little cubes. Slivered in a salad, in grilled cheese sandwiches or burgers, for a fondue. 
To end a gourmet dinner the French way or to serve a cheese-and-wine supper, the mainstay of a cheese tray is Emmental Grand Cru. And in gastronomic cooking, its flavor is essential to succeed "soufflés" and "au gratin" dishes.

Nutritional value of Emmental Grand Cru

Recommended for growing children, the elderly, athletes and balanced diets generally, Emmental Grand Cru provides calcium, phosphorous, proteins and vitamins (A, B2, D). It is particularly good for health since it is made from the milk of cows fed only grass and hay.

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